Double Glazed Unit

Double Glazed Windows

Our Double Glazing windows provide you with so many benefits, including:

  • The very best and most energy-erricient glass.
  • The finest way to prevent heat-loss from your home, keeping your bills down.
  • Argon gas-filled and sealed units retains heat inside and cold outside!
  • Internal beading, meaning your family is safer.
  • We can supply a full range of designs and products, to suit your budget
  • Multi-point locking for extra security.
  • Cuts down on external noise and prevents heat loss from your home
Double Glazed Unit

Triple Glazed Windows

Our Triple Glazing has an extra pane of glass within the design, which helps to enhance the window's performance in several additional ways.

It helps retain more heat in your home - and is A+++ rated - the highest rating possible for windows.

The extra pane of glass also helps to cut down external noise significantly, meaning an even more peaceful night's sleep.

The construction of a triple glazed window also means It's even safer, as it's more difficult to break.

Multi point locking gives complete peace of mind.


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